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Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to Bosoms!

I realise I haven't talked about breasts for quite a while, and some of you may be disappointed (Forest Green, where have you been?!). Fear not, because they are my Number One fave topic!

I've been a selfless exemplar of good mothering recently. I slaved hard at nights to earn extra cash to help pay for the criminally expensive tickets and passports to take my cherubs to New Zealand, where they can claim the rightful, indulgent, grandparental spoiling that has been denied them over the last two years. I have taught my innocent cherubs the value of giving time and money to starving children in Africa/Asia who have not the luxuries we do. I'm now planning two birthday extravaganzas for those lucky cherubs, involving giggling girlies gallivanting around an amusement park for the one, and restless rowdies rollicking and rucking at a rugby tournament for the other.

But enough of acting on my maternal and charitable impulses! It is time to indulge myself a little now, for I am suffering a ghastly case of boob slippage, due to the fact that all my bras are at least three years old. The elastic has completely given up, indeed, has shuddered, gasping to a halt, and my best assets are no longer receiving their rightful support. I may have to send them to therapy. (I wonder if group therapy would be a possibility!) Dearest Fluffy Bunny, you gave me those lovely undies, and I have simply worn them to death!

Come next pay day I'm longing to take my euros in my hot little hand to the nearest marchand de 'Over Shoulder Boulder Holders' and splash out on a silky, lacy, plunging creation in deep burgundy satin... Or a totally deviant black, leather peephole number with optional chains....

Actually, I may have to settle for a rather demure, seamless, flesh coloured affair, purely because - in a moment of wild and unbridled extravagence, I confess - yesterday I spent three whole euros on myself at a brocante, for this beautiful, but somewhat transparent, blouse:

Did the embroidery and sparkly bits catch your eye?

Fluffy Bunny is going to be so proud of me!


  • At Tue May 16, 05:05:00 pm, Blogger wendy said…

    That is absolutely gorgeous...but hey hey - no boring old bra, eh! That blouse calls for something extremely lacy and pretty underneath. (even if one catches a slight glimpse of nipple...ooh la la!)

  • At Fri May 19, 05:56:00 pm, Blogger Bob said…

    I'm with Wendy on this one... ;)

  • At Thu May 25, 12:02:00 am, Blogger Forest Green said…

    All this talk of bosoms has left me weak in the knees! I must confess that I have been here all along. I think you bloggers call it lurking. Anyway, you might consider going here for your lingerie needs:

    I'm sure you could find something pretty to contain your ample bosoms ...


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