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Friday, November 09, 2007

I May As Well Rename This Blog 'Letter To Ms. Mac'

Dearest Glittering Ray of Sunny Sunshine Who Consistently Lights Up My Life,

I scored NINE HOURS of the Deepest, Sweetest Slumber in the history of Doozey Dozes! I am a Bundle of Joy! I am a Box of Fluffies! I could leap buildings with a single bound (and change my entire outfit in a telephone booth in two seconds flat). I even made myself a strong cawfee upon arriving at work this morning - not because I needed it, no! - but for the taste and sheer enjoyment of it.

I must have slept so soundly that earthquakes and rampaging elephants through my bedroom would not have woken me. In fact Popo told me that she fell out of bed in the night (just above my head) and showed me the bruise on her hip to prove it. I am amazed and delighted to have cruelly snored my way obliviously through the whole tragic episode. Which glittering gown and diamond tiara should I wear for the Mother of the Year Awards? You will be my stylist, and Andi my photographer.

How is your translation of War and Peace in Esperanto coming along? I do admire you for fitting it in between the arduous ironing, cooking, and massaging of your four resident male egos.

I have almost finished writing (and not reading, as you amusingly believed, in your sweet, naïve way) Fifty Ways To Make Sébastien Chabal Fall In Love With Me. I will of course be dedicating it to you, my Bestest Soulie.

With Hot Lurve and Fabulous Friskiness,


  • At Fri Nov 09, 11:55:00 am, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    Aha! So you are the one who stole all of my sleep! I was unable to sleep last night until the back of 3am. I got up with the alarm at 6am and made the brekkies and so on but at 8a, when Looly went to school, I went back to bed and PASSED OUT!

    I am so pleased that you slept so soundly for so long and didn't hear your poor little angel fall out of her bed. I must be having some kind of effect on you. Which of course, can only be a good thing.

    I have to have James' bloody friend oevr the afternoon so they can work on a bloody Vortrag too- Gahhhhhhh!!! MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!

    Lots and lots of foul-tempered and sleep-deprived love and quisses,



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