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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've Lost My Blogging Mojo

So you'll just have to make do with this morning's e-mail to The Lovely Ms. Mac:

Dearest Queen of the Drying Room,

There is absolutely no reason for me to be feeling so cheerful (especially as my first attempt at sending you my phone mug shot failed). I awoke at 5 am with a tickly cough, and then had to read my new Ruth Rendell about murdered children for an hour before dozing off again.

However, the lovely walk to work alongside the canal in wintery sunshine with fragrant wood smoke drifting in poetic hazy contrast to a cloudless blue sky obviously did me much good!

Accidentally came across a fab photo of Séb while flicking through a magazine at breakfast, so our affair is back on, but it's not my fault. Have not yet written him my witty fan letter, but it is taking shape in my mind. He's back in Cheshire and played for Sale Sharks on Saturday but came off injured after only 24 minutes. I should have been there with my massage oils and an ice pack....

Am having a GOOD hair day! I lurve my new colour - from a supermarket packet, surprisingly (hairdresser is still on maternity leave, the inconsiderate cow). Popo painted the stripes on for me and they look great, if a tad lopsided! I'm blonder on the left than the right now. I'm just sooo punk rock.

Got a lovely postcard from Andi! She is so sweet. I want to be just like her (and you) when I grow up.

OMG! I dreamed I was at your house! We cooked amazing food and I flirted with Herr Kapitän Craigie right under your nose. So it was just like real life in fact.

Breast wishes,


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