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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dear Mrs Potato Head,

How very coinkidinkal! I too had a memorable experience with spuds last night! In stark contrast to yours however, my tattie tale doesn't have a happy ending. (Heh- happy ending!)

For a start, Mr Mac put his dinner order in yesterday morning for Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and my Magic Corn & Beans. I hate cooking (and eating) pork chops, the smell (and taste) absolutely turns my stomach. And then, while the pork chops were cooking, I could see the fat popping off the pork and landing all over the work-top, even landing into my corn & beans pan which rendered them inedible to me. For the mashed potatoes, I used a mischung of taters which were the remnants of different sorts of potatoes left in the cupboard. I peeled two large-ish baking potatoes, a few salzkartoffeln and made up the rest of the tattie volume with raclette potatoes. They all boiled up nice and quick in my pot and after I had drained and riced them lovingly, I went in with the masher to mix in the butter and milk to make them all creamy and lovely. And this is where something very strange happened. My mashed potatoes turned into something not dissimilar to concrete. I tried to mix them around with the masher and my arm nearly dropped off, the potatoes mixture was so thick. I suspect the raclette potatoes had quite a high volume of starch in them which made the potatoes so dense. Poor wee Ewan didn't even eat them and he is only second to his father in the position of World's Greatest Mashed Tattie Lover. Mr Mac ate them without complaint but that's because he's been beaten into submission over the years.

Anyway, that's my tattie tale. Any theories to expand further on mine oh Great Goddess of the Kitchen?

Other than that, I have only some strange goings on with my Sciatica to report but to be honest, I'm so bored of thinking about it that I would send myself to sleep if I were to complain of the weird twitching in my calf, numbness is my heel and constant, never mind literal, pain in the ass I have I would send myself to sleep.

So, NMTR (nothing much to report) from this end. But the sun is shining. So that's nice. Also I received a quite unexpected surprise in the mail from one of our readers, Sylv in Biel. Sylv has not only been collecting Coop loyalty stickers for me to enable me to purchase a new, fancy, brushed chrome toaster half price this weekend, she also send me some exquisitely wrapped chocolate medallion pralines called Bielerli and Bieler Stadtsiegel which are simply crying out for a cup of tea and my book. Aren't blogs just brilliant?

With sunny love and chocolatey kisses,



  • At Thu Jan 24, 03:00:00 pm, Blogger mr. mac said…

    "Mr Mac ate them without complaint but that's because he's been beaten into submission over the years."

    It's true. I have the scars to prove it!

    ps. I love a happy ending (hehe)

  • At Thu Jan 24, 10:13:00 pm, Blogger Forest Green said…

    Ms. Mac should try the omega-3 fish oil for a while to see if it helps with her Sciatica pain ...


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