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Friday, January 18, 2008

Antipo writes....

Dearest Future Wife,

Am addled with broken sleep, but at least I got some! Popo much better and was cheerful last night for the first time all week.

I went to ballet meeting (we are organising the end of year recital: costumes, tickets, programmes, invitations, costs) which was a lot of fun but went on till fucking midnight.

Slept soundly till 6:50, got shocked into real life by alarm, got Keke off to school and went back to bed for another hour of restless sleep riddled with bad, shouty and violent dreams until Popo awoke.

Have languished in a long bath with Russell, am now required to play Monopoly with Princess Popo. It's the first time all week she's wanted to do anything, so v. good sign.

She's calling impatiently, more later!

Dopey love and masculine kisses, although I haven't had time to check for incipient winkie growth,

Mr Pajamas

PS You should hire Clown Jamesy out on the entertainment circuit and
make a fortune!


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