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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Heavenly Hotness,

How wonderful it is to be blessed by your chipper demeanour on a day like today. I woke up today after a broken night's sleep to grey skies and sciatica and after I put everyone out the door and on their way to work and school promptly went back to bed for the morning.

How I would have liked to stay there all day but alas! I must deliver my first-born to an afternoon of work experience as a Techniker in a town half an hour away from here. He's only there for two hours so for the afternoon I intend to find a nice warm café that serves exquisite coffee and plonk down with my book until he is finished.

I'd love to talk about that certain someone who is packing her family in a Mystery Machine and driving around Europe solving crimes and being pesky all summer but I suspect she would totally know who we're talking about. Also, I have a rep to protect and I must keep up an air of disinterested nonch in case anyone actually discovers how very, very needy I am. So yeah, like, she's coming to Europe and I certainly won't be following the van in the neo-classic mercedes like a scary stalker, jumping out at every stop announcing, "Tah-dah! Surprise, I'm he-ere!" with a manic grin on my face. Oh, no, sirree. I shall stay at home and if they knock on my door, then so be it.

Oh, Mum's Taxi service is called for. I'll be installing a metre later on in the week and charging from their pocket monies.

With nonch love and disinterested quisses,



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