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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dearest Returned Roman Princess,

You are so kind to have bestowed your words upon me! I'll come out of my limbo, and my life can begin again forthwith!

"I'm alive! I'm alive! Hello birds! Hello flowers!" (Life of Brian)

I had of course already checked out your stunning Roman pix on Flickr last night, but it is so very satisfying to be able to read your anecdotes about hooligans, airport débâcles, accommodation distasters and crap too.

Why don't you just not unpack your suitcase and fly over here to tell me all about it? Will save you having to write it all down, with your wee precious fingers. I will graciously grant you a wee rest first though!

Only excitement to report from France today is that my tuna sandwich was succulent, and my boss will be sacking one of our translators by phone later today! I so wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear it! (Not one of those blowsy, furry, dirty, repulsive, germ-ridden flies, but a small, sleek, shiny, acrobatic, dainty, nice fly). This person will be replaced by a much more efficient and accurate translator, so my life will improve immeasurably when I'm doing next month's proofreading. So that's nice.

More later Signora Mac,



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