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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roman Recovery

Dearest Patient Soulie,

I am back from my Roman Adventure. You've been so very patient, waiting for all of my news. Yesterday I was utterly exhausted from all the walking Mum and I did around the eternal city. Of course, we had to share Rome with about 3 bajillion English who had turned up to give the Italians a leathering in the Six Nations Rugby match that was being played on the Sunday afternoon. They weren't so bad, really but you know, I don't much like sharing my Rome with the Romans, never mind a bunch of bloody foreigners!

We did have a few mishaps before our adventure even began which made for an ominous start to our weekend but Mum and sailed through the delays at the airport and there being no room for us at the inn with aplomb before we settled into our hotel room a few hours later than expected but soon we were out and about soaking up the atmos and wandering around pointing and looking with awe at the endless wonders Rome has to offer. Our hotel was only about 3 minutes walk from the Piazza della Repubblica. By the end of our weekend I felt almost like a local, even venturing out on our last morning without the priceless but well folded, worn and torn (by us) map the hotel had given us.

I did see the Calendario Romano (AKA sexy priests calendar) which I had a flick through but didn't buy because most of the pictures were the same as last year. Which is not a bad thing, after all, Padre Marzo who was my favourite from last year was featured again. The Trevi Fountain was just a beautiful as last year and this year I managed to see it at night which was an extra special treat. Mum and I were sure to throw a coin in to ensure our return one day. We dined on some fine Italian food, pasta with swordfish and eggplant, for instance. Once I asked one of our waiters what Granchio was and was astounded to hear him warn me off that pasta since it was "crap". "Crap?" I asked him again and looked at my Mum for an explanation. "Yes, Crap," he said and made pincher motions with his fingers. "Ohhhhhh, crab!" I exclaimed and we had a good laugh. All in all, the pasta was perfect, the pizza was pure pleasure and the prosecco was preciously provocative. ZOMG! Roma, baby! Roma!

Oh, there's so much to tell and so many photos to look at. Once I have everything straight in my heid, I should be able to write a magnificent octopus about all of it for your exclusive enjoyment.

I hope this will satisfy your curiosity for now, my dear patient friend.

Mille baci, bella Signora!



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