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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Dearest Ms. Mac,

This is the real Antipo speaking. I didn’t really die when you went off and left me! (But I came very close).

You know how sometimes a song comes out of the blue and lodges in your neurones, and you find yourself singing it over and over again for days on end? Well this morning on the way to work, Easy Like Sunday Morning popped into my mind. I have no idea why, but I am to be congratulated for it nonetheless. It’s such a soothing ditty to warble when one has had a poor night’s sleep and one is expecting a shitty-arse day (work-wise) ahead of one, and one was served by the least competent bakery assistant (she’s as stupid as pig dribble) when buying one’s sandwich.

And yet, I’m feeling all lovely and serene, thanks to that song, and almost certainly thanks to the anticipation of receiving lots of lovely NEWS! from your own Dear Self today. Does your lovely Mum have an email address, so I can write and tell you how much I heart you?

Also, how could I not be happy and excited, with the knowledge that my bag harbours a juicy tuna salad sandwich, on spongy round Swedish bread, and a fabulously sweet and crunchy French mountain apple for my lunch? I rest my case.

I’d like to see you try and top that on the Excitement-o-Meter!

Smug love and foodie kisses,




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