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Monday, February 18, 2008

Metaphysical Monday

Dearest Dr. Ms. Mac,

I’ve been wracked with self-doubt and metaphysical wondering this weekend, my Dear. Life eh! What’s it all about? Why do we bother? Why is child-rearing so hard, and who are we to think we are any good at it, anyway? Why don’t we have to pass exams before procreating? Are our children, despite our good intentions, going to grow up to be thieves, drug addicts, or even bad parents?

I have to walk past the two village primary schools to get to work every day, and this morning I was struck yet again by the seemingly hopeless examples of parenting on view every morning. I see slovenly parents, late parents, cruel parents (smacking and shouting at their children), lazy parents (you should see they way they park!), rude parents (not stopping their cars at pedestrian crossings to let other children cross), stressed parents (parents should be paid to take their time and ensure the little darlings are escorted to school in an unhurried, serene manner), seriously ill-dressed parents… the list goes on. Ooh, you didn’t know I could be so judgemental, did you?!

I realise that this is a very heavy topic to hit you with first thing on a Monday morning, so I will graciously allow you plenty of time to answer. But I expect nothing less than the answer to the Mysteries of the Universe.

Tortured love and Deeply Painful kisses,




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