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Monday, February 25, 2008

Naughty Monday Confession

Dearest Mrs Dreamy MacClooney,

It’s a good job France lost to England in the rugby on Saturday night, and that Seb Chabal didn’t even play, because now I can wipe them from my memory and get on with my life.

My special birthday lunch out yesterday in the finest restaurant our little village has to offer was EXQUISITE! The weather was astonishingly hot and sunny and my girlfriend Patricia and I strolled out in short sleeves and floaty skirts (revealing our dainty ankles), nearly causing car crashes in a highly amusing fashion.

Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you about the scallops in ginger and scallion broth, or the friscassée of guinea fowl with mushroom sauce scattered with shavings of black truffle, nor the warm apple charlotte served in a small ocean of vanilla sauce, because it will only make you hungry. Or envious. Or both.

I promise I will take you there next time you come and see me. Make it soon. I am pining away without you.

The Lovely Lesley of Peregrinations wished me much naughtiness on my birthday, so I took up her challenge in the most scandalous way I could. Shall I tell you how naughty I was?

To celebrate my 43rd burpday in the naughtiest way possible, I went into the bedroom, took off ALL MY CLOTHES and posed with a variety of – ahem – accessories and foodstuffs for some nekkid pix. I really did!

As you know, I have long had a hankering to appear one day as the Playboy Geriatric Centrefold. But now I find I’m too shy to publish the pix. However, it’s very nice to have them, as a future reminder of how long I was able to hold at bay the sagging and bagging of my middle-age.

Top Photographic Tip from Antipo: The advantage of taking self-portraits in unusual positions, is that the subsequent blurring is just as effective as airbrushing and soft lighting for cleverly disguising any minor imperfections…

Much saucy love and erotic kisses,

Mrs Naughty MacSauce



  • At Mon Feb 25, 03:29:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    So, how the heck does guinea fowl compare to any feeble fowl style flesh you've eaten here, huh?

    We can compare actual nekkid bodyness soon , like
    july/Aug, but only if parents and sproglets are well away.

    Love and care and huggles from my currently topless self - is getting a bit cooler here in the late Fev Wellington evenings, so i'm off to bed

  • At Mon Feb 25, 03:32:00 pm, Anonymous Mr. Purvy McCurious said…

    Re: Nekkid Pix

    Publish and be damned!!!


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