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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Invoice (Payable Within A Lifetime of Receipt)

Dearest Antipo,

You may consider a special recipe Kir the cost of your Metaphysical Funk Cure from yesterday. I shall expect to be treated to one next time we see each other. Make it a Kir Royale and you can keep me on retainer.

re: Your Dream Man- Oooh, it's always the quiet ones you need to watch out for isn't it? I hope he at least wrote you a poem before defiling you in such an abrupt manner!

re: Mature Displays of Comedy- My dear, I expect nothing less than the occasional pube joke here and there from you. If it were God that gave us pubes, it was surely only to amuse us all.

I apologise for this rather humourless and boring missive. How I would dearly love to crack you up with an amusing anecdote or two about my life but honestly? There's nothing going on here. Nothing! Oh, I have a scab on the inside of my right nostril, a result of giving it too thorough a picking the other night. Now I feel like I have to spend all day blowing my nose which is really most time-consuming and gives me the constant fear that I'm going to end up with my brains in my aloe-vera tissue. So that's nice.

What will you be doing tomorrow? It's Wednesday tomorrow isn't it? There's nothing else going on tomorrow, 20th Feb is there? Nothing that you or I or any of your multitude of friends and rellies should be celebrating? No I thought not. So just another pyjama day then?

Yours with ordinary, everyday, not-anybody's-birthday-tomorrow love,



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