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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Naughty Sexting

Antipo sexts:

Darls! Did the earth move with Dr Lovely Arms? I just got my 7th subscriber for January and only 10 mins ago! Am now skipping home from work! Billionaire kisses, Antipo x$x$x$

Ms Mac sexts:

Dr Lovely Arms was very firm but tender with me. He twisted and turned and poked (!) and prodded me and diagnosed a herniated disc - ouch! The worst thing about it all was when he asked me to take off my boots and jeans to get on the bed for all the manipulation and he saw me in my pop-sox! How embarrassment! I'm rethinking the pap smear/smear test thing. If he's seen me in my pop-sox and can still look me in the eye then I can probably deal with him seeing the lady-garden. Anyway, I've got some anti-inflammatories and hopefully they should help clear it up. Muchos weekend Besos, mi amor!

Antipo sexts:

How the hell did you herniate your disc?! When you slipped on evil, icy Swiss street? Perhaps the pain will take your mind off the excruciatingly embarrassing and undoubtedly deeply shameful pop-sox débâcle. My dearest, had you taken leave of your senses? What where you thinking? You have always been such an icon of style and a Priestess of high fashion to me. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. My Stellallusions are shattered and and tinkling in tiny fragments at my tragic, betrayed feet. Going for a MacDo now! Happy anti-inflammatories! Antipo xxxxx


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