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Friday, February 01, 2008

Funbag Friday!

Dearest Bestie!

I'm such a bad friend, all wrapped up in my flame-haired excitement, that I completely forgot to demand details of your outing with The Lovely Sylv.

Oh no! I guess you'll never ask me to be your bridesmaid now...

In career news, I managed to get a 6th new subscriber for January, just minutes before leaving the office last night, so it was a hugely exciting way to finish off the day. You know my monthly target is 5, and I had sadly resigned myself to not breaking any records this month after all.... Can't help resenting the French bitch in Michigan, who had promised to send her subscription form last Monday, then again on Tuesday and Thursday, but didn't. She would have been Number Seven.

Do you like our new Naughtiness look? We could start calling ourselves the Pumpkin Patch Kids.

Have not had cawfee yet, must go and fortify myself before further expenditure of energy kills me!

Flame-haired lovin' and HOT kisses on this damp day,



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