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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bobble-Head Thursday

Dearest Swiss Correspondent and The Future Mrs Clooney,

Goodness me, what a busy life I've been leading! My momentous decision to embrace my feminine side (despite the evidence of my body's involuntary, gradual trans-gender development) culminated in an exciting appointment with my darling hairdresser yesterday.

You may remember that the thoughtless woman abandoned me for several months for a mere trifle: she muttered some feeble excuse about 'having had a baby'. Pah. As if babies can't be strapped to your back in a papoose (or simply locked in the cellar), to enable you to tend the precious locks of your esteemed clients.

Anyway, I graciously allowed the woman back into my home, and my hair is now dark violet with tangerine and fire-engine red stripes! Siren red, even. Or slut red, if you prefer. My poor mother would think the stripes an indicator of my dubious morals, no doubt. That's what you love about me, innit?

So obviously I had to spend the rest of the day admiring myself in the mirror and could not be expected to expend vital energy on sending you emails every five minutes.

I know you'll understand, and even applaud me.

Pix coming tonight!

Mucho HOT love and vixenish kisses,




  • At Thu Jan 31, 10:19:00 am, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Wonderful Antipo, but not as HOT as the current eye-candy in Welly. Yes, it is International Rugby Sevens weekend. The Fijians have already featured on last night's tv news in a swimming pool.... cool me down,

    I stupidly stuffed up and got to work tooo early in the late morning - 1/2 an hour later and I'd have been held up getting to work by the "7's" street parade.

    Never mind, looking forward to a weekend of lusting over their youthful scrummyness on tv. Wish you were here m'dear


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