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Friday, February 01, 2008

Singin’ In The Rain

Dearest Absent Soulie,

I have just had the best imaginary conversation with you! I had to go home for lunch and leave the car there for Mr Grumpy Blackheart, then walk back to work.

So I decided not to be depressed about The Big Wet, but to embrace the torrential rain and enjoy it. I’ve always been a rather moist kind of girl anyway, haven’t I? I swear, I skipped all the way back to the office with the sexiest umbrella in town, spreading joy and splashy puddles all the way.

The courgette, feta, olive and pepper quiche-flavoured burps I did along the way were great company.

I do hope you are enjoying the embrace of Dr Lovely Arms. Ooh, just think, he must be feeling and prodding you as we speak! I’m trying not to feel too envious, and am willing myself to feel generously pleased for you instead.

When he has magicked away your sciatic silliness, which trendy nightclubs in The Village of the Damned will you be frequenting all weekend? And how many new boyfriends do you think you’ll pick up? And what positions will you use? I want to hear it all! I need a vicarious thrill Baybee!

Much Freaky Friday love and Raving Maniac kisses,




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