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Monday, January 28, 2008

Marvellous Monday!

Dearest Fragrant Rose Petal (and Lost In Carparks Champion),

May I take the liberty of bidding you a very Good Morning indeed?

I came to work today to find that my boss had blessed me with a new, super-fast computer, a very smooooooth mouse and a clicky-clicky keyboard. Can you tell I'm typing this much faster and more zippily than usual?

NMTR on the weekend front, apart from menstrual misery, hours of knitting (daughter's scarf is three-quarters done!) and a rather fun meeting of the ballet committee - we had to haul one thousand boxes of old costumes from the attic down two flights of stairs, count and inventory the costumes and then lug them back up to the attic.

The fun part was trying some of the costumes on and dancing around a bit. And drinking chilled cider afterwards with the girls was rather droll too.

Oh, and I cooked like a demon as usual, and we dined on roast turkey leg, juicy brussels sprouts, baked potatoes and wickedly caffeinic tiramisu.

Tonight we are having our staff "Christmas" party (we were too busy in December) in a very classy local restaurant, so the calorific extravaganza continues.

I love French Christmas parties, as they are nothing like the UK version, i.e. simple drinks and nibbles, photocopying one's bum and shagging the office junior in the supply cupboard.

Although, come to think of it, a UK party would be rather amusing, for the sheer novelty value.

Muchos boring besos and healthy-living hugs,



P.S. Do update me on your Scintillating Sciatic Suffering, which I find quite fascinating and not tedious at all!


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