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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Tosh

Dearest Absent Soulie,

How are your lovely offspring today? And how is your health? I do hope you have recovered from your scabby nose affliction. Please tell me all about it in great, technicolour detail!

Isn't it strange, that just a few hours after I definitively banished Seb Chabal from my thoughts, I came across a shirtless photo of him last night in a trashy mag quality publication sent by my MIL, and then dreamed about him?

It wasn't a saucy dream at all, sadly. He was merely signing photos in our local bookshop, so I lined up with the other over-excited fans, got his autograph and asked permission to shake his hand. My dainty fingers were quite lost in his meaty paw. Ooh, I get a chill down my spine just thinking about his meaty paws and what they could do. But otherwise, the dream was quite chaste. Pah.

The children are away but I am not missing them too much yet. I have been sleeping late every day and consequently having to work very late, so the days are very full indeed.

I do hope something exciting happens to you soon, so you will be impelled to WRITE TO ME!!!

Much frosty love and nonchalant, not-missing-you-at-all quisses,



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