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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Salma's a BABE!

Dearest Love Struck,

Firstly many, many apologies for lack of contact yesterday. I lost all the bones in my legs and was unable to move from the lounge where I was forced to have cups of tea brought to me by my book-end offspring and read my fantabulous book, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. You know, it was just one of those days. Luckily, I managed to grew a new set of leg-bones in time for dinner when I cooked a sublime dish of Fisch Knusperli with pasta salad and green salad. With laziness, reading, Knusperli and dessert of half-price Easter Bunny, I declare yesterday an utter success.

I know what it's like with Salma Hayek. I have such a girl crush on her that I sat through that dreadful thing she did with Matthew Perry and I've been obsessed with Frida Kahlo ever since I saw the lovely Salma's monobrow. I looked up your new crush, Dwight, on YouTube singing Suspicious Minds. I shouldn't have because I've only just managed to drag myself out of the YouTube vortex of Elvis. There's no-one, no-one who does Suspicious Minds like the King.

Nothing much more to report from Chateau Mac today. Mr Mac returns home later today which means I shall have to do some boring housework before he gets here, casts his super-critical eye over the dust and wonders just what I've been up to in his absence. Oh wait, that was Patrick gergen in Sleeping with the Enemy. Mr Mac will come through the door, kiss me and ask what's for dinner before hopefully, dragging me into the bedroom and having his wicked way with me. Sigh.... a girl can dream, can't she?

With dreamy love and quisses,



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