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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aha! I Actually DO Have A Secret!

Dearest Keeper of Secrets,

You know earlier, when I said I had a secret to swap, I didn't really have one, I was just making that up to trick you into telling me what your secret is! Anyway, never mind that. Now I do really have a secret that I'm not telling you. La la la! Torture me if you will, I will never spill!

Anyway, tra la la la la..... I was so disappointed when I tuned in faithfully to French news last night only to have my hopes of seeing you holding a banner reading, "I Love Ms Mac" and clasping your drama queen mug to your heart dashed. Pahhh! I strained my eyes to see if that was you hiding behind your boss's hair. She's grown it since the last time I met her (yes, faithful reader, I have met her and can still claim I know someone who was on French telly!). But I see that it wasn't and wouldn't be no matter how many times I rewound the footage of your boss. Oh well, it wasn't a dead loss because the bloke presenting the regional Alsace news was very handsome- almost worth learning French for!

So, secrets? Done. Antipo's tv career in tatters? Done. Handsome French newsguy? Done. I think that's all I got right now.

Loads of compensatory love and quisses in lieu of a career in film,



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