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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dearest Joyful Scottish Maiden,

Our readers will just have to wonder why you are so joyful today, won’t they? Tee hee!

I talked myself hoarse at work this morning, explaining My Important Stuff to our young trainee. Now I just want to curl up and sleep until next year. I was up till midnoight registering ballet cheques and making invoices, and compiling lists of nordy unpaying ballet parents for the teacher to scold in my absence.

Will go to ballet school end-of-term dinner tonight at my Lesbian Lover's crêperie, hurrah! Cider and crêpes all round.

AND best news of the moment is: no work tomorrow, but haircut in the morning and beauty parlour facial and massage in the afternoon - because I'm worth it.

Daughter is going out to Parc Astérix for the whole day with friends. Son has only one hour of school tomorrow and will play footie with his mates in the afternoon. I just can't wait for the soothing hands of the lovely masseuse on my gnarled and stressed out skin. She does the massage all over, and I mean ALL OVER. I'll be wearing nowt but a paper g-string. She even does the whole chest area, cleverly avoiding the nipples, so it's not erotic but soooooooo relaxing. I'll be asleep for most of it, I reckon. It's expensive but I only do it once every two or three years: always before my trips to NZ!

Must go and do a wee lick o' work. If I can be arsed.

Shattered kisses and comatose love,



  • At Thu Jun 19, 05:22:00 pm, Blogger Trac said…

    Talking of which
    (lesbian crêperies that is)

    Antipo - you're sure looking hot in that vintage dress!


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