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Friday, May 23, 2008

Big, Brown Jobbies Start To The Day

Dearest Scotch Bun,

Oh, why did I say that? Now I’ve made myself hungry.…

I have managed to put myself in a bad mood this morning. It’s shocking, isn’t it? Me, the mild-mannered Clark Kent of telephone sales, and the least aggressive salesperson you ever met.

But one of our (normally lovely) Aussie clients has STILL not paid their bill, and after five months of sending polite emails and making polite phone calls, I am FED UP!

I sent the following email to the accountant, the subscriber and the boss:

Dear Jane, Alex and Mark,

The attached invoice has now been remained unpaid for SIX months.

Please, please take some action!

Thank you.


Ooh, can you believe it?! Not very professional, I know, but I'm a raging beast. I am SO angry about the waste of my time this involves, just to get a measly 1300 euros out of them. They always used to pay regularly but last year were taken over by a multi-national corporate big jobby company.

Ooh, my heart is still racing. I might cark it! Send round the handsome emergency team to resus me, mouth-to-mouth.

Angry love and fiery kisses,



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