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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dearest Hangover Helen

Oh my stars! You know you should never indulge in more than half a babycham & lemonade on a school night! What were you thinking, you party animal!

I too spent the last evening imbibing immorally. Mr Mac and I were invited to a Portuguese wine tasting where we met some lovely people and listened to a Portuguese guitar band accompanied by a fabulous female singer with long, blonde curls and a gorgeous cleavage. When she wasn't singing, we were treated to the crooning of an older, white-haired gent who sang with one hand in his white trousers pocket while he used the other to express his passion and love for the music.- But not in a rude way, you understand. The wines on show were mostly of a fruity, summery, light variety and were perfect for seafood. Lucky us, there was also food- the most garlicky garlic bread spread with a divine tapénade, deep friend crumbed prawns, roulade of smoked salmon and, Mr Mac's favourite, chicken satay skewers to name just a few of the finger food dishes. Needless to say, Mr Mac and I enjoyed the evening immensely, even the bit where I got told off for not speaking more German by a friend of a friend. I must admit, my favourite wine of the evening was an Espumante. I loves me some bubbles.

To continue on with today's culinary theme, I have not yet opened my bottle of white balsamico but your recipe for chicken with a tomato & caper sauce sounds exactly the right occasion to uncork that baby. One of our readers, Sylv in Biel, suggested a while ago that white balsamico is perfect to use when you want the flavour of balsamic vinegar but not the dark colour.

What did you have for lunch today? I'm just about to tuck into a plate of oven warmed baguette, lightly buttered and topped with vine-ripened pomodori seasoned with mediterranean seasalt and cracked black pepper. You might know it by its other name- tomato on toast.

With amor e beijos,



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