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Monday, August 04, 2008

Are Ye Back Yet?

Dearest Darls,

Is Bonnie Scotland in mourning today, for your departure?

I have completely lost my blogging mojo. I don't even feel like posting pix of my dream holiday.

Will try to snap out of it soon.

Only your presence in my life can drag me out of the doldrums, I fear.

No pressure!

But WRITE TO ME SOON or I will shrivel up and die, like a scrotum in an Alpine lake.

Blah kisses,




  • At Wed Aug 06, 05:33:00 pm, Blogger Dumdad said…

    Hi and welcome back,

    I read your comment about the
    coincidence of Tim Butcher reviewing Ian Walthew's book.

    Tim stumbled upon my blog not knowing that Dumdad was me and that we were ex-colleagues and occasional drinking buddies. We've since caught up on email and hope to meet up again when he's next in Paris.

    Michelle (Mickle's Pickle) is now on my blogroll. What is your connection to her?

    Incidentally, my computer crash wiped out all my emails so I don't have your address. Could you email me?


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