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Monday, August 25, 2008

Moanday Report!

Dearest Dear Old Sausage,

Are you back to normal today with the weans back at school?

I am still all out of kilter, as the child-free weekend (kids went to the beach for a week with the wrinklies) allowed me to laze around in dirty clothes in a dirty house, gorging on telly and fast food. I was sleeping at odd hours and am so used to the lack of responsibility that I'm freaking out somewhat at the thought of them coming home tomorrow.

I'm going to have to be all grown up and mature-like. Eek! I'll have to plan things in advance again and do laundry and cooking and stuff. Gawd help us all.

Frightened love and kisses,




  • At Tue Aug 26, 04:06:00 pm, Blogger Papadesdeux said…

    Dear Antipo,
    Excuse the off-topic, but I thought I might reach you here since you had inquired about the name of the magazine that had such... low standards to photograph our bizarre little family (no that's me - you didn't say that). And this blog, in all it's naughtiness is probably the best spot to respond (and I hear Ms Mac is known to rub elbows with a certain sort of people). As benign as the current issue might be, it is still not a magazine you want to leave lying around for the wee ones. But in any case, it can't be missed, plastered on the window of most magazine kiosks, with this issue's cover of Mylene Farmer shaving. Alas, very few naked boys. But as always... TĂȘtu.


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