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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hungover Thursday

Dearest Darls,

I do hope your life doesn't seem suddenly all flat and boring after the Madonna excitement you knowingly inflicted up on yourself. You will keep indulging in these thrilling episodes, won't you? And then have to suffer the anti-climactic consequences....

I am somewhat of a self-harmer too today. My lovely American neighbour was due to pick up his kids' pet rabbit from my house last night, and I - quite by chance - prepared Nigella's fabulous soy, mirin & brown sugar-glazed salmon , with basmati rice, bok choi salad and individual banoffee pies around dinner time. Two glasses of chilled rosé, lots of laughs and one very late night later, and I found myself up at the bumcrack of dawn this morning, attempting to sew buttons, with shaking hands and pounding head, onto daughter's Back to School For Real outfit.

That will teach me!

Or maybe not....

Fragile love & kisses,




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