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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Danger! My Life Is All Sex & Rock 'n' Roll (NOT)!

Dearest Your Madgesty Ms. Mac,

Wot a life-enhancing experience that concert obviously was for you! I wish I'd been there to see you go all mushy and quivering! Am a tad jealous that you don't wax quite so lyrical after a visit to my house. Must try harder, obviously!

NTR from my boring, miniscule life. Am reading lots and lots of porn on the innernet to stave off the boredom of my "job" and gigantic yawns. Just for the record, my new favourite expression is ‘writhing in a haze of sexual pleasure…’

Will seriously have to look for a job worthy of my cunning linguistic talents when the kids are just a little bit older. I hope I don't find myself saying that every year.

Daughter was adorably excited about going back to school today and last night carefully chose her clothes and accessories, and enlisted me to do her nail polish. This morning I had to straighten her hair with her new ceramic hot thingie and I had a go on my locks too, just for fun. I like (short and) curlies best though.

Write soon and save me from myself.




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