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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Parmesan and Parsley Fritters

Dearest Darls,

You are so good to me! This recipe sounds goddam wonderful. Fried cheese and I were meant to be together.

Am otherwise having a big, hairy, jobbies sort of day. Thank God internet is back on in the office, although I don't know wot I'll do with it, as I'm totally afflicted with writer's block and can muster not a jot of enthusiasm for writing anything.

I do hope you are suffering equally, so we can mutually support each other in the Enormous Shouldering of our Simultaneous Existential Crises.

Wot you 'avin' for lunch then? Tuna salad sammie, apples and yoghurt (peach! peachy!) for me, yumbo.

Meaningless Love and Existentially Empty Quisses,




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