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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Been Out In The Snow And Other Stuff


Please make sure when you bring up Christmas dinner that you get yourself invited and don't make the old dear think you're inviting her again. That would be a complete disaster.

I know what you mean about being skint at this time of year. Oh, the plans I have to buy pressies but they all have to wait until payday- when we are always rich as Croesus for 24 hours; the Payday Barons. I do feel terrible though- your poor kids have to gather their own twigs from the forest for presents and I got to enjoy the company of you and Her Madgesty for a glorious weekend in September. How spoiled am I?

Went out for a walk in the snow today. I go out walking for an hour - hour and a half every Tuesday and Thursday morning between the hours of 9:30 and approx 11am. Today it started snowing at 9:29 and didn't let up until about 10:57. Fucking typical. I am cold but I feel awesome. Slip sliding about in the white powdery stuff does wonder for your quads and glutes. I have buns of steel, baby, BUNS. OF. STEEL.

Muchos besos, my beloved bruised private dancer,



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