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Friday, December 05, 2008

Flat Froiday

Dearest Darls,

Am knackered! End of the week exhaustion from extra dance rehearsals, I suppose. Have still not come down off my cloud of Thanksgiving glory to which The Lovely Doc treated us last weekend.

Daughter will be dancing for the Telethon tomorrow, so I'm laying bets as to whether Mr Grumpy Blackheart will be hauling his carcass out of bed at 9:30 am to watch the apple of his eye in her moment of glory, or not!

Will do roast turkey leg and brussels sprots for lunch (I like sprots so much better than sprouts, don't you?)

Then on Sunday I have to get all glammed up for dancing:

(1) The French CanCan (will show my knickers again, all slutty-like)

(2) The Schoolmistresses (classical ballet, all classy-like, with strict looks and menacing shakes of the ruler)

(3) The Secretaries (jazz ballet, all sexy and feline moves, meaningful stares from our swivel chairs, letting down hair from a bun and throwing gigantic fake specs into the audience).

Quite a fun weekend shaping up! I do hope you can top that, Mrs Fabulous 'n' Exciting!

Muchos smarmy besos,

Dame Antipo Fonteyn



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