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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Bluesday

Dearest Darls,

Sorry for not replying yesterday. I am in one of my slumps where I can't be bothered doing anything or anybody. Plus, there is quite literally nothing to tell you. Nothing of interest is going on here and I'm being possibly the most boring person in the whole wide world at the moment. Last night I made James brush his teeth with soap because his language is so spectacularly foul that it makes me blush and Patrick is an obnoxious arsehole most of the time. Just as I think I might have them both killed, they go and give me a cuddle or make me cheese on toast or something and I am conned into thinking that they're not really that bad at all, are they? Ewan is being ok, I suppose.

Mr Mac is fine, I'm fine (apart from being slumpy) and life is just fine and nice.

How are you since your mishaps on the dancefloor? I have heard it can be murder out there. Poor bruised Antipo. I send you muchos besos for your injuries and big hug for your wounded pride. But really, love, handstands? That was showing off and you know what they say, Gott straft sofort!

With lots of love and kisses,


  • At Tue Dec 09, 01:40:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Oh dear, dearest Antipo and divine Ms.Mac. You are each and both in a bad way. Think Chocolate! And Hot Cups of Really Good Tea!

    I "inisti"

    (latest offer from blogspot's word verification)


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