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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh Lovey,

Je suis jealous! It's been ages since a big ole brawny truck driver honked at me. Last time I got honked at, it was a goose, in a zoo.

Mind you, there was that time I was with James at the local train station and a random guy stopped me, told me how lovely my eyes are and asked me to have coffee with him. James looked at him like he was blind and mentally disabled and had a look on his face that quite clearly screamed, "WTF!?! She's my mother! She's old!" Hah! You know what will learn our 'orrible teenaged sons? When one day, they're in their 50s, look over at their wives who are berating them from the kitchen for their latest petty offence and realise, "Jaysus, I really did marry my mother!"

Since writing the above, dearest Antipo, something has occurred of a most unexpected and serious nature; but I am afraid of alarming you -- be assured that I am well. As I was searching for members of my family (namely my sister) on Facebook today, I ran across someone with the exact same name as me, my christian, middle and (maiden) surname. Bear in mind that I do not have a name like Sharon Anne Brown. I clicked on who my Doppelgänger's friends are, out of interest and my Doppelgänger has befriended a bloke I went to school with!

Given how unusual a name I was given at birth, and given the fact that he's sent me a couple of messages on Friends Reunited, I suspect the dolt I went to school with thinks he has befriended me! But he hasn't! He's befriended someone who has either been given the same name as me who he knows or someone who is pretending to be me. I don't know if a) it would be terribly presumptuous of me to message him and say, "Oy! Thickie! That's not me, this is me!" or b) if I can be arsed messaging him at all. What do you think? It's all very odd, isn't it?

Mmmmm.... having a lunchtime cup of coffee. And thinking about all the babies floating about at the moment. I have three blog friends now with brand new baby boys, a brand new baby niece (new photo here) who is getting more and more gorgeous with every day and a friendly neighbour ready to burst. I tell you, if it wasn't for the fact that I am so over having babies of my own, I'd be exceptionally broody right now. Actually, I do have a pang, not so much for the actual baby, but that feeling of excitement and anticipation that you get just as your due date rolls around and you know that at any moment, you could have another wee bundle of loveliness to cuddle and get you up in the middle of the night!

With broody love and quisses,




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