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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Intercourse with Ms. Mac

Dearest Darls,

I expect you are all busy with inviting a gajillion readers to a viewing of your Private Parts, hope all goes well!

Have ghastly migraine and a grockly little man is drilling in the office just above my head. I may have to commit suicide or go home to bed.

Choices, choices....

Feeble kisses but unwavering love,



I'm getting a bit panicky because I didn't know that you're only allowed 100 private readers and I am nearing 90!!! WTF???

Have to go out later to buy ingredients for Patrick to cook dinner tomorrow night. He asked and gave the following menu - insalate caprese, his bacon, pea and sage pasta and lemon cheesecake. Cheesecake has to be baked tonight so will go and get all stuff today. He can be such a treasure sometimes but other times I want to strangle him. Like the other night, I asked if he could peel the potaotes and he actually said NO to me!!!! Can you believe it? Would you ever had said No to your mother? I made him switch off the Xbox and gave him an hour's worth of chores to do as a punishment. That might learn him!

I have the most fabulous CD which I will have to load onto your iPod thingy (haven't taken it back yet but will do so soon) and am currently listening to Stevie Wonder's Signed Sealed Delivered followed by Rod Stewart's Maggie May followed by Steve Harley's Make Me Smile (Come up and see me) and then Stealers Wheel Stuck in the Middle With You. Awesome. I am awash with nostalgia.

I see your feeble kisses and raise you a big, sloppy tonguey,



Darls! you made the same mistake as did I in my careless youth and misread the Blogger regumalations:

Blogger will only allow 100 contributers, but you can have as many private dancers as you wish (I have a mere 108)!

You can spank me later.

I do wish you would stop harping on about Cheesecake, especially when I'm feeling so fragile...



Oh phew!!!

Thank you my dear, what ever would I do without you?

You know what I still don't get - that young dude, the Kiwi in Berlin. What could us two ropey old birds possibly have to interest him?

108!! Yowza. And yet you still can't be bothered updating! Hint hint.


P.S. My blogger def says I can only have 100 readers. But that's ok. I will just start an exclusive waiting list. It'll be like waiting for a Birkin.


I just did a mini tiny update to satisfy you(r urges).

And what's a Birkin?

Love & ignorant kisses,


P.S. You are obviously on the wrong Blogger. Or Blogger likes me better than you....
P.P.S. Re: Young Kiwi in Berlin: He obviously sees that we are twins and has a kinky thing about twins. Oooh er, Missus!
I think I could have a kinky thing about Sebastian Chabal and his long lost twin...
P.P.P.S. Permission to post ALL of today's intercourse on the Naughty Blog tonight? Too busy at work right now.
Have not yet committed suicide.




  • At Fri Mar 13, 01:12:00 am, Blogger Forest Green said…

    Dearest Anti,

    Ms. Mac is referring to one of these:

  • At Fri Mar 13, 09:00:00 am, Anonymous Vivi said…

    omg I love you two!

  • At Fri Mar 13, 12:32:00 pm, Blogger Ksam said…

    Blogger obviously does not like me either, because I was limited to 100 readers as well (which is why I ended up having to make my blog public). Boo.

  • At Mon Jul 27, 05:01:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was alarmed that the silent one might be B-Listed, no ... expelled as your readership grows. I was also alarmed, then disappointed to find a Birkin was not a Merkin for the backside, but a fancy Lady-Bag.


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