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Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I Know The World Really Has Gone Utterly Mad

Dearest Ms. Mac,

A strange and shocking thing happened to me in the Feminine Hygiene aisle of the supermarket yesterday. As you know, I am a true fairy princess, and have absolutely no need of accessories for my hygiene. I was simply passing through, on my way to the Glittery Dust and Magic Wands aisle.

Did you know, indeed, can you believe that it is possible to purchase a brand of panty liners containing “silk extract” and another brand of panty liners containing “Vitamin E”, in these dizzying times of consumer insanity?

Darls, correct me if I’m wrong, but since when have our vulvas needed silk extracts and vitamin E in order to function correctly? Do the manufacturers really expect that we will eagerly be throwing our hard-earned cash at them, in the sad belief that we wish for silkier and more energized lady gardens? God! Next thing you know, we’ll be lining up for acrylic nails and eyelash extensions!

Yours in disbelief,



  • At Wed Apr 01, 11:09:00 am, Anonymous Deadlyjelly said…

    I don't usually discuss my vulva online. However, I feel it worth stating that, although mine correctly functions most of the time, silk extract gives it a certain zesty vitality otherwise lacking



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