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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Working Girl

Yesterday evening when I was "making dinner" (i.e. heating up tinned ravioli for the kids), my Australian translating buddy stopped by to pay me for the monster translation we moonlighted on for three long, hard, months.

Instead of coming into the house, he phoned from his car and made me come outside in the street, saying he had a surprise. In full view of all the neighbours, he handed me a thick wodge of cash, saying "Thanks Baby, you were great!"

Then he shouted to my spouse, who was lounging in the doorway "Your wife is really great! Expensive, but it was worth it!"

I would have enjoyed it more had I not been clad in tatty jeans and a stained apron and I was having a particularly bad hair day. Evil Hubby laughed his socks off.


  • At Tue May 30, 11:23:00 pm, Blogger hexe said…

    With grace and style, Antipo Deesse turns to Evil Hubby and purrs "Your rate has now doubled." Evil Hubby laughter ends abruptly.


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