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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Morning Delight!

Dearest Mistress Stella,

Miss Popo's fever has broken and she is out of danger! The crisis is past. She awoke only briefly at 6 am, then fell asleep again and was still snoring in the manner of a steam engine when I left the house this morning. So my disposition could be likened to a box of fluffy ducks, as you may well imagine.

Have loads of Russell reflections to share with you, but must finish the proofreading of the report before our publishing deadline, so you'll have to rein in your impatience until lunchtime-ish. His childhood is making me quite sad.

In the meantime I will quickly send you my blogitaph (for no particular reason, only I need to write it down before I forget it). A blogging US soldier recently killed in Iraq had entrusted a friend with a final blog post from the Hereafter, to be published after his demise. So one day I will do a lengthy proper post-Antipo post for you to keep. But in the meantime, should I pop my clogs in an untimely manner, please publish the following:

RIP Antipo

When she wasn't suffering homicidal PMT, she was a genius in the kitchen and made us laugh in the bedroom.

She loved her children, her girlfriends, her Ms. Mac, her secret admirers, big words, and big bosoms.

Morbid love and hopefully not prescient kisses,



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