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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nonch and/or Needy

Dearest Antipo,

So many humble apologies for my absence this fine morning. I confess I am feeling much better within myself but instead of being out striding in the mountains and soaking up the healthy fresh air, I've spent most of the morning in the car, ferrying Patrick to and from work experience in the vicinity of the local castle.

I say local castle, it's about half an hour away from here but possibly the most remote half away from anywhere that I've ever been to. My darling first-born spent the morning chopping up vegetables in the castle kitchen for all the lords and ladies expected to grace the king with their company today. Or something. He had a noice toime which is what counts.

My continental blisters are still very unpleasant to the eye and tender to the touch. How I'll be able to pull on a pair of boots for tomorrow's constitutional I've no idea. I may have to just walk barefoot through the snow like I used to have to when I was at school. Barefoot, uphill both ways with only a lump of rat poison in my belly for breakfast. Kids today, getting ferried about in neo-classic meredeses, they don't know how good they have it.

Re: Your Blogitaph. You are honoured to have entrusted me with this most precious and important of tasks. I must set about writing my own so we can do swapsies with them and I'll be honoured to ask you to do likewise for me.

Re: Atonement. You can rest in peace my good friend because I watched our not-at-all-illegally-downloaded copy of it yesterday. I confess I find Briony's story far more compelling in the written word. The scene in the library, which when I read it left me feeling all oogy in the tummy and other bits, left me a bit cold when I watched Elizabeth Pirate trying to gnaw the face off Tumnus McPuny. There was one rather impressive long shot of the beaches at Dunkirk though that I found very, very clever and kind of, sort of made the fillum worthwhile.

I think the poll deciding which of us is Nonch and which of us is Needy sounds like a marvellous idea. Any excuse for a party, I say.

Oh dear, all the electrical appliances in my house are bleeping at me to go and flick switches and push buttons on them. It's getting a bit like Demon Seed around here.

With absent love and prodigal kisses,



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