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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sulky or Stridey?

Dearest Typhoid Mary,

Your unbearable and resounding silence this morning has left me quite forlorn. God knows, if anyone understands sulky it is I!

However reason tells me that you have miraculously recovered from your plague and continent-sized blisters, and are striding out on your morning constitutional, probably enjoying the company of a delightful and witty (yet undemanding and non-clingy) walking partner, and having a great time.

But oh! how I miss you! I mean, I am extremely busy and important with work of course, but there is a grey tinge to my day today...

Have you noticed our readers have been awfu' quiet recently? Perhaps we should redecorate the Comments Box and invite them in for drinkies and cheesey nibbles. Wouldn't it be amusing to conduct a reader poll to see if they can identify which of us is The Needy One and which The Nonchalant One in our complex relationship?

Milli baci and not-feeling-sorry-for-myself-at-all hugs,



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