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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Typhoid Mary's House of Disease and Pestilence

Dear Love,

Russell does indeed have a charming turn of phrase. I especially loved when he was explaining about his Cloak of Love (you'll get there soon) and how his teachers all embraced the concept. It gave me an especially good giggle when I later read about Harry Potter dragging Hermione into his invisibility cloak.

I am teetering on the brink of Atonement insanity. The curiosity factor is indeed a strong draw towards watching the fillum but what if James McAvoy ruins Robbie for me for ever?

Poor little Popo and poor, poor you! I am afraid you are a far better mother and nurse than I am. I tend to shut doors on sick children and leave them to sweat out the disease under the quilt, on their own. Which really, is the way that I prefer to deal with sickness myself. If they moan a lot I might go and see if they need a painkiller. Or something to make them sleep. My poor children, they don't deserve me.

I think in my frenzied attack on the housework yesterday, in which I actually done some ironing, I did a little too much and have relapsed slightly into the aches and pains of colds and flus. Also, I slid on some ice while out walking this morning and while I didn't go tits up, the little jolt did throw my back out of alignment again. Not good. And while I'm having a moan, the wet tissue paper-like substance coating on my feet which others may call skin has fallen foul of a new pair of walking boots and I have blisters the size of Australia on my heels. Nice!

But the phlegm and catarrh aren't making themselves too much of a nuisance these days so you know, it all balances out.

I wish you many, many hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight with a few pages of Russell Brand before slumber thrown in for good measure.

Bis Sp├Ąter Liebchen,



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