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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weary Wednesday

Dearest Ms. Kinky in the Kitchen,

Are you sleeping off your orgiastic bacon & asparagus after-glow? I wonder if The Lovely Mr. Mac gave you a special thank you for your tender ministrations?

I am all virtuous and smug, having arrived very early at work in order to make a dozen calls to Australian clients. But a wave of fatigue will likely crash down on me soon, rendering me unfit for human consumption for the rest of the day.

In medical news today, my facial twitch/sexy, if intermittent, sneer is back, and I also managed to wrench a muscle in my neck/shoulder region, when dressing hurriedly this morning. It hurts like buggery now. Any volunteers to massage it back into the right shape?

Love and kisses,



  • At Wed Feb 27, 02:41:00 pm, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…


    It really hurts like from that? Sorry sweetheart, the mickle of the umpty something rear end examinations, sends care and laughs too. AM in absolute envy of your Stella's asparagus experience. While is months and months until we get to experience fresh asparagus again "down under", I will rejoice in the Northern hemisphere asparagus indulgence, as long as you darlings keep blogging about the preparation, cooking and then womderful eating lushisness (pure phonitical spelling), but you know wot I mean)


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