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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

All Year Round Fools!

Dear Lovey,

Nobody has April Fooled me yet but I think you might get a wee giggle from the following. My darling son, the younger one of the bookends, gave me a nice wee surprise the other night when he left a giant black plastic toy spider on my pillow to frighten me. It didn't really work as such but I managed to make something out of the joke anyway. When poor Mr Mac was just about to doze off that night, I slowly but surely brought the spider closer and closer to his face until eventually, I touched his face with one of the legs, the big spider face staring right at my dear husband. Of course, Mr Mac opened his eyes to see what was touching him and when he saw a big, black hairy spider staring him down, he nearly hit the roof from fright. I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Ahhh, the good times.

Not quite as funny as when I pulled back the shower curtain one morning after sneaking into the bathroom ever-so-quietly and shouted the South Park classic song, "Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker" very loudly. That frightened him so much he was barely able to brush his teeth until after taking a valium. But the spider prank was still quite successful.

Poor Mr Mac. And yet he still comes home.

I am going to be v. busy today. I have already been out walking in the cold and mist and drizzle and now I must ready the homestead for a coffee date with Trolley Dolley this arvie. I will try and check in later to see what you had for lunch.

Love, love and April Fool love,



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