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Friday, April 04, 2008

Flagada* Froiday

Dearest Sunny Swiss-Dweller,

Irony? No! Where?

Darls, what am I going to do to get my blogging mojo back? I think I need some inspiration from my Number One Muse, i.e. YOU!

The only thing that has happened to me today is that I am baffled by a news report from Lille that an 11 month old baby girl has died from malnutrition. Her parents are strict extreme vegetarians (eat no products from living creatures whatsoever). There is an apparently healthy 9 year old sister. Supreme irony: her parents own a Health Food Shop. Oh yes.

Has the world gone mad?

Inspire me with some naughtiness soon my Dear.


Dozey lurve and baffled kisses,



* Flagada = weary, apathetic, floppy, washed out, frazzled, inert, clapped-out, drained, zonked, blah...

It's one of my favourite Frog words! Along with bof ! and crac-crac !

P.S. By the way, there is a photo of my bum on my other blog today. It took me several attempts to get my bum in the shot. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to photograph one's own posterior? I bet you've never tried anything so naughty.

Oh hang on though - there was that one time when you sent me a very shocking and explicit - My God! it was so.... I was all breathless and ... wow! words just fail me!....


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