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Monday, October 13, 2008

Anti-Antipo Climax

Dearest Ms. Mac,

How did your weekend score on the Excitement-o-meter?

I am feeing rather miffed (if I were a complete pervert, I would say that I am feeling Miffy, but I’m only half a pervert, as you know, so I shall refrain from using any sleazy references to fluffy children’s icons just to pull in the Googling punters for some cheap publicity).

So… what ? … where am I ? Oh yeah, feeling upset because last night I wrote you a stonking, stupendous blog post, with revealing photographs and everything! But disaster struck and our internet connexion went down, so I was not able to publish it. You will have to wait until tonight when we shall see if Mr Fixit has done something to remedy this grave problem.

So today I am feeling rather uninspired and downcast. I think I shall spend the day writing on my anonymous pornie blog in order to cheer myself up. Even you don’t have the password to that one! It’s really naughty!

Pornie love and sexpot kisses,




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