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Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you seen the size of my husband’s pumpkins?!

Dearest Ms. Mac,

Have you seen the size of my husband’s pumpkins?!

This one weighed in at 7.4 kg. A fine specimen indeed.

I naturally had to lock my children in the basement in order to get the peace and quiet necessary to produce a vast, simmering cauldron of my world famous Supercilious Bitch Pumpkin Soup.

Two sweet, white Cévennes onions (my onions are so smart, they were each wearing a little sticker to prove their origin) were sweated in butter, with a few shavings of juicy carrot and a very small diced potato. Handfuls of ginger, nutmeg, all spice, paprika and and garam masala were thrown into the pot with gay abandon. A soupçon of brown sugar joined the melting pot.

The roasted pumpkin slices were peeled and diced, then simmered for 20 minutes in the spices and a litre of vegetable stock. I puréed the lot with my magic wand, added a drop of milk and served with a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.

Culinary love and soupy kisses,



P.S. You’ll be pleased to know, in a show of true soulie-ship, that our menstrual cycles have now synchronised. So that’s nice.


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