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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Slothful Sunday

Dearest Ms. Mac,

Darls, are you leaving for Bonnie Scotland in the morning? I saw on your Twitter that you are all packed, and I know you generally do that at the last minute, lol!

Safe trip Lovey and please please please sext me all important food and itinerary details in real time, also the colour of Mr. Mac's face as he tries to fit all your clever packing into the car boot.

I wish I was going with you!

We had a v. quiet weekend recovering from our snotty noses and bronchial coughs. Kids and I watched all three Austin Powers movies, yaay!

You know how I thought I had The Big Talk with Popo all done and dusted? Well today she asked me what orgasm means. I replied very simply "It's a sex thing". She said "Oh. Yuck!" and went back to playing with her Polly Pockets. So that's nice.

Will miss you horribly, as usual and my Christmas will be grey and dire. But I shall survive.

Muchos seasonal Besos,



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