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Monday, January 05, 2009


Dearest Hannah's Auntie,

Are you on the way home yet? already back maybe? I'm back in the office after my paltry days off: it was so cold we stayed at home watching loads of fillums and eating Kevin's recipes from his new cook book: choux buns with vanilla cream, tiramisu, Chocolate liƩgeois and of course eleventy billion truffles of assorted flavours.

Mr Grumpy Blackheart and I actually had to open a second bottle of champ on NY's Eve, so you are going to be very proud of me and my burgeoning alcohol consumption indeed! My NY reasolutions are:

(1) drink more


(2) eat more.

It is snowing like a bitch outside. Am trying not to think of all my rellies at home sweltering at the beach and complaining that they can't sleep at night because it's too hot.

Other than that, my brians are empty. NTR, baby, NTR.

I hope you are safe and warm and not missing me too horribly! Hope to get back into regular written intercourse with you from today.

Muchos Nude Year Besos,




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