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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last Sexts of the Year

I think Ms. Mac must be feeling guilty about her appalling neglect, as she has sexted me again today!

Hello Dear French Kisser,

How is your Hogmanay progressing? We're preparing to head out on the town for an eve of heavy drinking and singing Auld Lang Syne. Will have to be v. careful not to get too drunk!

Sciatica still crippling. How was your film excursion?

Missing our daily epistolary exchanges desperately... of course!

More in the New Year!
xxx xxx xxx

I replied:

Dearest Drunken Lassie,

Am so glad you are fit to leave the hoose! Have you dragged Mr. Mac from his deathbed, or is the poor lamb too feeble to join in the festivities? Don't get too fresh wi' the lads down the pub - it could lead to hand-holding, and that could lead to ...

babies (at best), and an S.T.D. (at worst)!

I myself am only mildly tipsy. We are all rather crook here too, but indulged in some champagne and fancy nibbles, including your old friend, le foie gras, before settling in for a cosy night in front of the telly to count down to midnight. Evil Hub tried to make us watch some god-awful young people's music video clips (house or techno), but we made him change channels.

If I were ten years younger (okay, make it twenty), I'd be drinking beers, whisky & rye with some good ol' boys in a saloon in Texas and performing a striptease on a bucking bronco clad only in a red satin corset, with my bosoms spilling fabulously out of the top, before inviting the handsomest cowboy to unlace me...

Ah well, time to put on my fluffy slippers and make a cup of hot chocolate before climbing into my winceyette nightie and heading for beddie-byes.

Can't wait to see your new haircut Foxy Lady!

Happy New Year and ciao Bella!

Love and last kisses of 2007,


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