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Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Enquiry Into Ms. Mac’s Good Health

Dearest Mrs McTartan,

I am enjoying a gentle stroll in poetically pale winter sunshine, sans enfants! So I can indulge in a spot of sexting you, without having my very ponderous train of thought interrupted by “Maman! He won’t get off the computer!” and “But I haven’t finished my combat yet!”

Aaaah, the silence and fresh air are like fine wine. Am feeling very smug not to be fighting my way through sweating hordes of last minute Christmas shoppers.

Have you bumped into Paolo Nutella or Billy Connolly yet? Are you eating kippers and haggis for breakfast every day? Are the mini-Macs behaving like wee angels, or have you had to resort to the “Father Christmas won’t come” threat?

Much love and serene kisses,

Mrs Dreamy McTranquil


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