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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday Night Sxt Msg to Ms. Mac

Dearest Chesty!

Am waiting in a long, long line, so have nothing better to do than sext you - harrassment!

I'm doing the parent-teacher dance again, this time with my daughter's teachers. It's rather boring, because so far they have all said the same thing: she's lovely, clever and works hard. At least with my son there was plenty to talk about!

I've been up and down the collège stairs like a whore's drawers, from the First Floor to Ground, up to Second and down to the Basement, then back again. It's better than aerobics!

How is your phlegm my Darling? Sounds like you could open a factory. When Stella's Snot Emporium gets quoted on the Stock Exchange, I will buy shares. We'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams and can pop over to each other's houses in our private jet for woine toime, or a girly chat.

Can't wait for lunch tomorrow - I have to use up my 2007 resto vouchers before 15th Jan, so will take kids to my lesbian lover's crêperie and get roaring drunk on a thimbleful of cider.

Sleep tight Lovey,



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