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Monday, January 14, 2008



Did you by chance send your lurgy over here?

Daughter very ill with influenza, she's had 41 degree temperatures since Saturday night.

Doctor Affectionate came early this morning. He only shook hands with me this time!

I drove around half of France looking for the emergency pharmacy, am now at home while Mr Grumpy Blackheart drives around the other half of France looking for the emergency pharmacy.

Will be in orifice this afternoon. Husband gets a week off work to look after her, good job too as we are proofreading our report...

Later Babes!


  • At Mon Jan 14, 12:28:00 pm, Blogger Michelle in NZ said…

    Bloody hell to the one who is only ever so much a little shorter than me, while you're miles lighter.
    Any chance you can trade the daughter in for a healthier model?

    Ooops, not what to write to a Mum,

    Sincerely, To Dear Helen

    Am very concerned, sending so much love to the ill ones, and too their carers.

    Worst here is a gale force northerly that has been here for a few days and wont bugger off

    Super love from Mickle and Zeb


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